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Who we are..

Who We Are


Kelly W. Maxwell

Kelly W. Maxwell has a long history of working with the homeless and with troubled veterans. He is the Founding Chairman of the South Bay Sober Living Coalition; Charter Board Member and Founding Vice-President and Past President of the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition; Founding Co-Chair and past Chair Sober Living Network (Multiple Counties); Past Board Member of Serenity House (South Bay Recovery, Inc.), and past Administrator for the Shelter Assistance Association. 

Kelly W. Maxwell was raised in Redondo Beach, California where he attended public schools and later went into active duty of the US Air Force.  

Maxwell served from March 1972 to December 1975 in the US Air Force as an Auto Pilot/Navigation Systems technician working primarily on the Galaxy C-5A cargo transport aircraft.

Kelly Maxwell attended business college after his military commitment, and worked as an investment counselor and a real estate investor until he returned to aerospace in 1981. 

In 1990, Maxwell became aware that there was a gap in services for the homeless and Veteran populations, and came to understand that many homeless vets were in dire need of services with respect to substance abuse and mental health therapy. Maxwell felt compelled to lease and purchase homes throughout Southern California to help alleviate the gap in services.  

Throughout his 28-years of providing shelter service, Maxwell has helped many people who are afflicted with mental illness and substance abuse issues to achieve stability.  

Kelly Maxwell is the CEO/Founder of the Progress House Veterans Project and Structured Sober Living Environment established in 1991.  This organization currently has 84 beds in 8 houses. At its peak, Progress House accommodated 230 beds in 20 houses, prior to the great recession.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Living Spaces

About us:

Orenda Foundation is an alcohol and drug free sober/transitional living environment. Providing veterans the opportunity to start and/or continue on their path of

recovery from chemical dependency. Orenda Veterans Project is a non-profit organization offering enhanced services for the presently existing and newly returning veteran. We endeavor to continue to provide resource navigation, job preparation, and benefit contacts.

The veteran will find and experience a new social climate. This structured, alcohol and drug free “home-like” residential setting fosters a sense of brotherhood and a new veteran family unit. The abundant outpour of community resources has been extremely beneficial to the Vets.


— Our Mission

Providing a systematic recovery-rich living environment for Veterans who are in all phases of their recovery process. Orenda Veteran’s Project is a non-profit organization offering  a homelike environment and enhanced services for existing and new Veterans.


— Our Structure

Structure Under the supervision of an on-site manager, each resident receives personal attention from the moment they arrive. They are first taken through the intake process and then introduced to other house residents in an effort to place them at ease. Residents are closely monitored for compliance to “House Rules” that include curfew, regular testing for drugs and alcohol, daily assignments and accountability for their time spent away from the house. The primary focus of this structure is the 12 Step Recovery Process, gainful employment, and nonchemical life-coping skills. AA, NA,CA and other 12 Step Programs have been a tradition for helping our residents achieve a level of stability in their lives. Support from local agencies such as the Vet Center, VA Clinic, Holistic Campus, Alano Club, Victor Valley College, and others have been extremely valuable in assisting our veterans.


— Our Background

Background Progress House Structured Sober Living Environments is veteran owned and operated and was established in 1991. It has been the basic format for the Orenda Foundation with special attention to veteran’s needs. In January 2013 Orenda Foundation Veterans Project was launched in Apple Valley, CA to serve Veterans in the High Desert area of San Bernardino in collaboration with the High Desert Community Foundation, a 501(C)3 organization.