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About Us

Orenda Foundation is an alcohol and drug free sober/transitional living environment — providing veterans the opportunity to start and/or continue on their path of recovery from chemical dependency. Orenda Veterans Project is a non-profit organization offering enhanced services for the presently existing and newly returning veteran.

We endeavor to continue to provide resource navigation, job preparation, and benefit contacts. The veteran will find and experience a new social climate. This structured, alcohol and drug free “home-like” residential setting fosters a sense of brotherhood and a new veteran family unit. The abundant outpour of community resources has been extremely beneficial to the Vets. 



Under the supervision of an on-site manager, each resident receives personal attention from the moment they arrive. They are first taken through the intake process and then introduced to other house residents in an effort to place them at ease. Residents are closely monitored for compliance to “House Rules” that include curfew, regular testing for drugs and alcohol, daily assignments and accountability for their time spent away from the house. 

The primary focus of this structure is the 12 Step Recovery Process, gainful employment, and non-chemical life-coping skills. AA, NA, CA and other 12 Step Programs have been a tradition for helping our residents achieve a level of stability in their lives.

Support from local agencies such as the Vet Center, VA Clinic, Holistic Campus, Alano Club, Victor Valley College, and others have been extremely valuable in assisting our veterans.



Progress House Structured Sober Living Environments is veteran owned and operated and was established in 1991. It has been the basic format for the Orenda Foundation with special attention to veteran’s needs. In January 2013 Orenda Foundation Veterans Project was launched in Apple Valley, CA to serve Veterans in the High Desert area of San Bernardino in collaboration with the High Desert Community Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization.


DIRECTIONS to 21468 Chimayo Road:

From Bear Valley Road and Navajo Road: Go south on Navajo Road past the first stop (you are at the end of the High School on the left) Continue south past the modular home subdivision on the right. Passing the subdivision on the right, notice a very large 2 story house with a turquois tile roof and a six foot block wall surrounding the 2 1/2 acres in the middle of an undeveloped large parcel. Chimayo Road is unpaved and has no sign but goes directly to this 2 story very large home on the right. You have found it. 

Note: Most automobile navigation systems will not find this location due to lack of update for this new and upcoming subdivision.



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OFFICE: 760-962-1212

HOUSE: 760-240-6432

E-mail: orendafoundation.com


Donations for Orenda can be made to:

High Desert Community Foundation

P.O. Box 2028, Apple Valley, CA 92307

Office: 760-242-8833

Email: hdcf@verizon.net